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Have you started your search for a local photographer in the greater Harrisburg PA area? It can be a daunting task for you and your future spouse. At Symmetry Co, we understand all of the things you need to consider when planning a wedding. Worrying about whether your photographer is getting the perfect photos you’ve always had in mind is certainly not something you need on your wedding day.

Our team does their best when it comes to capturing your special wedding day while giving you the peace of mind that your photos will be spectacular. Don’t believe us? View our portfolio, or even browse our Facebook and Instagram for some remarkable examples of how you and your future husband or wife can remember that special day!


Professional Wedding Photography

I believe every family, relationship, wedding and story is different- therefore, I guarantee to have a collection that best suits your needs!

Harrisburg PA is home for us. We’ve wandered around the area for years, finding unique places to photograph all while enjoying the weddings we’ve been able to shoot. This city has a lot to offer when it comes to getting a great wedding photo shoot, and we make sure that happens for you when it matters the most. From beautiful river views, scenic farming communities, old stone buildings, to downtown city settings, we love to capture you and your wedding party wherever we find you! Our job is to photograph you in the best possible way wherever you may be.

If you’ve started gathering prices for your wedding photos, feel free to contact us directly! We offer many affordable (some cheap!) packages that could fit several different budgets and sizes of weddings. You can even contact us right now, and we’ll give you a customized quote according to your needs. Don’t put it off! We’re only one phone call, email, or a form away.  Book us today!

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